Bluegrass Camps – the Next Wave of Bluegrass Festivals

Since the mid ‘60s, the bluegrass festival both saved and indeed enabled the music to prosper. The combination of a several day-long picking session, band watching, trading and socialising was the winning formula that created and extended careers as well as establishing a world-wide movement.

With changing economic times, an ageing population and the need to stay competitive with all the other forms of entertainment now pulling at people, a new type of festival has slowly been becoming more prevalent within the genre. It is the festival devoted to skill advancement. During September this year, I will be attending two of these – one as a participant and one as an instructor. Continue reading “Bluegrass Camps – the Next Wave of Bluegrass Festivals”

Bill Monroe takes aim at fiddling:

There’s no doubt that the person with the biggest influence on bluegrass fiddling was a person who didn’t even play the fiddle – Bill Monroe.

I’ve read so much on his views and I find them endlessly interesting, amusing, insightful and instructive.  A brilliant book of all things Monroe is ‘The Bill Monroe Reader‘ compiled by his singer/guitarist for many years, Tom Ewing.  It’s a highly recommended read and the following are some of my favourite Monroe lines about bluegrass fiddling: Continue reading “Bill Monroe takes aim at fiddling:”